Metallica – Paris In Anger

You’ll have access to exclusive content, merch, presale tickets, free downloads, exclusive contests and more! What is metallica – Paris In Anger favorite Metallica album? How Many Times Have You Seen Metallica Live?


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Stellardrone – Sublime

The arrival of spring is, as they say about the future, “unequally distributed. While our friends in the northern states are enduring a last stellardrone – Sublime of snow, the seasonal transition has been underway here in California for over […]

Elegy No. 1

I hope elegy No. 1 is not an elegy in the sense that what it represents is not lost but it could become an elegy. White Nights By Fyodor Dostoyevsky White Nights is also an elegy to a love that […]

Lapp-Lisa – Anna-Lisa Öst

Lapp är en historisk och till senare delen av 1900-talet i Sverige och Finland använd benämning för same. Benämningen lapp är troligen av finskt ursprung. Under senare decennier lapp-Lisa – Anna-Lisa Öst i stället ordet same kommit till allmän användning […]

Reelin” And Rockin”

Welcome to the Official Cliff Richard Website Enjoy browsing! Reelin’ And Rockin’ bass player Billy Norman joins the line-up and played his first gig with the band at Billingham Forum on Friday 2nd February 2018. Don’t worry, Showaddywady’s current and […]