83-minute piece unfolding as a single track. Lonely Phantoms – Lonely Phantoms album will be released on October 20th by Profound Lore Records.

The band extensively toured in North America and Europe, securing notable festival appearances . The song is both its own and its reflection, as an opposite is whole only with its contrary. Mirror Reaper is a continuation of that concept. During the writing process we were devastated by the loss of our dear friend and former drummer, Adrian Guerra.

In love and respect to his memory, we reserved an important yet brief section in the song for him that features unused vocal tracks from our last album. This specific movement serves as a conceptual turn in the piece, or point of reflection. We believe he would be proud of it as well. Mirror Reaper was the first collaborative writing project with the new line up, and Adrian’s death during it brought extra emotional weight. We sought to match the complexity and weight of these events within the composition of the piece.

Stentorian Seattle Doom titans Bell Witch return this October with their 3rd album Mirror Reaper, via the ever reliable Profound Lore records. Bell Witch are well know for their particularly gut-wrenching, melancholic take on Doom but with Mirror Reaper this will likely be pushed to a new intensity, marked as it was by a tragedy that cuts right at the heart of the band. Cover of the first manga volume of Tokko. Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Tohru Fujisawa. It was serialized in Kodansha’s Afternoon in 2003 and collected into 3 tankōbon volumes.

An anime adaptation directed by Masashi Abe, animated by AIC Spirits and Group TAC, first aired in Japan on April 15, 2006 and ran for 13 episodes. Special Public Safety Task Force, or Tokko under the supervision of the Public Security Intelligence Agency after the Special Mobile Investigation Troops relinquished, with some of its members recruited from the police force. This is their “symbiont tattoo”, which marks them as carriers of a “phantom”, one of the 108 demons. Not all of the symbionts are with Section 2. A symbiont may be good or evil, but the spirit’s alignment is unknown until it is awakened within the host. This phantom also imparts a type of protection, for example allowing Sakura to walk away unscathed from a car accident as a child. In 2011, a young man named Ranmaru Shindo lives in Tokyo with his younger sister, Saya.

They moved from Machida 5 years earlier, after the massacre of their parents in their apartment complex, which was attacked and overrun by unknown assailants who ruthlessly and brutally killed almost everyone in several buildings in the complex. When Ranmaru’s unit investigates another grizzly murder, a witness claims to see a demon, which was also rumored at other bloody scenes. There they encounter humans with talking human faced larva parasites growing out of them, that are impervious to guns. The demons refer to Ranmaru as having the scent of Michida and attack, before he is saved by Sakura and Tokko.

She explains that they were just lesser monsters controlled to target survivors of the Michida incident. Ranmaru and his best friend and partner Hanazono sneak into the closed off Machida crime scene to inspect the hole. When Ranmaru disturbs the hole by dropping something in it, a demon comes out an attacks them. Tokko arrives and saves them, and explains they are all survivors of Machida and the only ones that can defeat them as they have “awakened” into symbionts, having Phantoms inside them that protected them during the incident.

The story then focuses on Itsuto Araragi and his sister Mayu in 2011, who are survivors of Michida and symbiont hunters unaffiliated with Tokko. Together they hunt Phantoms and eat them to get stronger, absorbing their abilities, aiming to eventually kill them all. They accidentally save Yukino Shiraishi from committing suicide and deduce she was being controlled by a Phantom. They learn students have been going missing at her university and that there are rumors of “demons”. The main characters as seen on the cover of first English anime DVD. One of the survivors of the Machida massacre alongside his young sister Saya, he joined the police force to find out who was responsible for murdering his parents.

An officer in the Shibuya precinct as a detective in the Tokki division, he finds out during his work that demons from the other realm are responsible for orchestrating various massacres. Later on, he joins the Tokko division so as to save the country from being overrun by the demons. Younger sister of Ranmaru, she joined the police force as a uniformed patrol officer. As a survivor of the Machida massacre, she also has a phantom inside her, though it is never awakened. Unlike her brother, she does not experience post-traumatic stress disorder as she opts to forget the memories of the events in Machida. Like her brother, she gets targeted for assassination by the Phantom demons, as she was one of the survivors of the murders. One of the survivors of the Machida massacre, she was the woman haunting Ranmaru’s dreams of his parents and neighbors being killed by a Phantom demon.