Please forward this who’s Leaving Who – Hazell Dean – Who’s Leaving Who screen to 5. I’m 50 years old and planning to move from London to Bexhill. I’d love to hear from anyone who can tell me if it’s a good place to live ?

It depends what you are hoping to achieve by your move. I moved here from Docklands 4 years ago and love the quality of the air, friendliness of people and lack of stress generally. Having said that, I still commute to London daily as salaries down here are pretty dreadful. We find Bexhill lovely and quiet,too quiet.

We have decided to move to Devon, where people have more of a zest for life. As the 53 yr old mayor of Bexhill please come – By the way the Mayor’s ball on May 5th will be a reason to stay! Is it possible to commute to london every day from Bexhill? I think the place looks beautiful and have fallen in love with a house there but not sure if the cvommute is viable – it says 2 hours! Is there any way of shortning this and are the trains reliable? Bexhill to Victoria does take 2 hours and its a bit of a drag.

Charing Cross or Cannon St depending on whether you are city or west-end working. 08am train gets into CX at about 8. Hi Elaine, I posted message in Feb as myself and my 16 year old are moving to Bexhill in July. I live in Bromley where my daughter has been bullied and hates travelling around by herself. So I welcome the peace and quiet. Added bonus for me is that my sister lives on outskirts and loves the area. Remember when people used to say hello as you walked past them?