To be in love is perhaps one of the most magical feelings in if Ever A Love There Was – Four Tops – If Ever A Love There Was world. For love is capable of filling your life with such colours that were previously thought to be unimaginable. You may not be best at expressing yourself when it comes to love, but that doesn’t mean you can’t convey your feelings to your beloved.

What you cannot say in person, your letters can do that for you. The famous and the wise people around the world have believed in the power of love letters and the miracles they can do to a relationship. These letters of affection and mutual admiration have seen many a love-stricken soul finding happiness. This Valentine’s Day, let your darling bask in a newfound joy as you write a letter revealing the secrets of your heart and confiding in your partner.

Scroll down the read through these impeccable letters that are written as a tribute to love. When I saw you for the first time, I knew I had found someone wonderful. And ever since then, all I have wanted is to be with you. Seeing you happy brightens my day and makes me think I am doing the right things. You have the most loving and forgiving heart I have ever known and I can assure you that you will remain the centre of attention for me. I will do everything in my capacity to keep you happy.