But Emma Thompson was so enthusiastic about her maternal rite of passage that she went a step further than a simple chat. She created a sex handbook for her 13-year-old daughter, Gaia, to try to help her cope with the online pressures that confront today’s young people. We can only help by listening, being aware, by not turning away and by not saying, oh, that’s all so disgusting I can’son And Daughter – Queen – A Night At The Odeon even think about it,’ the actress said in an interview with The Daily Mirror.

So I wrote my daughter a handbook about where emotions are felt in the body, about sexual feelings and the connections between sex and emotions. And I drew pictures and said, you know, you can sometimes feel things in your loins you don’t feel in your heart, and you need to look at that. If you listen to what’s going on in your emotional language, you will be able to keep the sexual activities safe. The double Oscar-winner, who is happily married to her second husband, 47-year-old actor Greg Wise, also told how she was abused by a children’s magician at her eighth birthday party. Will you give me a kiss? So I went up to kiss him on the cheek and he planted his mouth on mine, stuck his tongue in my mouth and wiggled it about. It is this memory and concerns about social media and online porn that prompted Miss Thompson to create the guide for her daughter.

There are so many more pressures. I’ve had only 4 boyfriends and I married them all! I’m in a constant state of anxiety but I know these kids have to negotiate these thickets by themselves. Miss Thompson is also a mother to Tindyebwa Agaba, a Rwandan former boy soldier she and Wise adopted when he was 16. Now 26, he is a human rights lawyer.

I’m quite relieved about because I’m sure we’ll need it at some point. Miss Thompson is the daughter of actress Phyllida Law and the late stage director Eric Thompson, who wrote  and narrated The Magic Roundabout for the BBC. 1965 film adaptation of the book starring Julie Andrews. Miss Thompson’s first marriage to Kenneth Branagh ended in 1995 after it emerged he had had an affair with Helena Bonham Carter. Helena and I made our peace years ago. You can’t hold on to something like that.

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It’s beyond arrogant to think you can do better than Agatha Christie! Lloyd’s of London over the musician’s cancelled tour. Cardi B gyrates and twerks her way through raunchy Coachella show as pregnant rapper tells fans ‘I’m running outta breath! Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Falchuk ‘secretly wed’?

This page is an overview of Queen’s live career between 1970 and 1976. The tracks given for each tour reflect the standard setlist, but the actual songs performed varied from night to night. For a more comprehensive list, with exact setlists and details of live recordings, please see the Queen Concerts website. One song mentioned on this page is the unreleased song ‘Hangman’, full details and lyrics of which can be found on the Unreleased Songs page. Amazon MP3 Previews for this page will be displayed when you have chosen your region, if they are available. Mike Grose played bass at the first three concerts, while Barry Mitchell played bass at the remaining concerts.

At some shows, the band were probably billed as Smile even though they were named as Queen by this period. All subsequent concerts were with John Deacon. This show had an audience of just 6 people. The above setlist is for the Golder’s Green concert, but other tracks performed included ‘Doing Alright’, ‘Hangman’, ‘Stone Cold Crazy’ and ‘Keep Yourself Alive’. This tour was as a support act to Mott The Hoople. Scandals bootleg, both released as part of the ‘Top 100 Bootlegs’ project. Freddie, Roger and Brian all joined Mott The Hoople for ‘All The Young Dudes’ during their show.

The above show is unconfirmed, according to contributor Guy Mitchell, as promoters in Cheltenham at the time recall Queen playing the show on the 7th, but not on the 6th, and no other colleges other than St Pauls would have been suitable. Unknown setlist, presumed to be the same as the ‘Queen II’ UK Tour. Other tracks occasionally performed included ‘Seven Seas Of Rhye’, ‘Bama Lama Bama Loo’, ‘See What A Fool I’ve Been’ and ‘The Fairy Feller’s Masterstroke’. This show saw a riot after Queen refused to return to play a fourth encore. As a result, the following night’s show was rescheduled to the 2nd April.