CD 057   NINE DAYS’ WONDER: The best years of our rabenteuer – Morpheus? Mike Bloomfield was an American guitarist and composer, born in Chicago, Illinois. He became one of the first popular music superstars of the 1960s to earn his reputation almost entirely on his instrumental prowess, since he rarely sang before 1969.

Respected for his guitar playing, Bloomfield knew and played with many of Chicago’s blues legends before achieving his own fame and was instrumental in popularizing blues music in the mid-1960s. 69 might, at first glance, seem simply like a much expanded version of the band’s self-titled debut album for RCA. Legendary guitarist Gary Moore first emerged at the age of 17 with the fabulous, short-lived, weirdo progressive blues band, Skid Row, who released two crazy cool albums for the time period. After leaving Skid Row, Grinding Stone was his first solo album and at its best, revives the eclectic blues feel of Skid Row, with Gary’s early and great tone and sound still intact. Kaleidoscope were arguably the most eclectic band of the psychedelic era, weaving together folk, blues, Middle Eastern, and acid more often and seamlessly than any other musicians.