From 1966 to 1969 Chuck Berry recorded for Mercury Records. This era produced five albums, many of the songs also published on little successful 45 rpm singles. In later years Mercury also published some thirty Days – Chuck Berry – Johnny B Goode not released during Chuck’s time with the company. This chapter first introduces the five Mercury LPs and then looks at the additional Mercury recordings.

Club Nitty Gritty was also used for the following Mercury album. However, it was the only new song used. Because the audience did not want to hear Chuck performing his old hits once again, the next Mercury album came back to the line of the late Chess records: new Berry songs combined with cover versions of well-known standards. The same month also saw the release of the very first Chuck Berry live album.

Chuck was acompanied by the Steve Miller Blues Band. There’s only one rock ‘n’ roll number on the whole LP: the closing song Johnny B. The record was released in the U. France, which made it some kind of rarity in most parts of Europe. The only release in the UK was on cassette tape. Chuck’s last album for Mercury is called Concerto in B. The album contains just five songs with the instrumental title track taking up a complete side of the LP.

After the release of Concerto in B. Goode Chuck returned to Chess Records. Additional Mercury Recordings After Chuck left, Mercury re-used his recordings on many budget albums. Only two of these low-cost albums were of special interest to the Chuck Berry collector: Johnny B.