He is walled in by lack of opportunity. The workmen had walled stop! – Berlin Walls – Stop! the cat quite by mistake. Not content with merely winning the match, they used every opportunity to push the inferior team to the wall. Roadblocks have been set up in an effort to capture several convicts who went over the wall.

I’d go to the wall to stop him from resigning. 20 miles, when the body’s fuels are virtually depleted and willpower becomes crucial to be able to finish. The figure you quoted for doing the work is off the wall. Some of the clothes in the fashion show were too off the wall for the average customer.

Unless sales improve next month, the company will be up against the wall. The constant tension in the office is driving everyone up the wall. A wall Street person should not be allowed to help oversee the Dodd-Frank reforms. It reminded me a bit of an alternative take on The Wolf of wall Street—through the Toni and Candace lens. The Wolf of wall Street is a dangerous, incendiary work of art. Is it on the side of the people or wall Street and the big banks?

Cromnibus’ Passes, But Did Anyone Win? Percival, with his new air of wall Street operator, was inclined to hesitate. It’s lucky the captain knows nothing of my wall Street speculations. We’ll put it across that corner, and have the couch against that wall. Take my bridle off the wall, you, Jeff, and throw it at my feet. But much as he yearned to do so, he dared not search the wall. In this case, English uses one word where many languages have two, e.