Ignored at parties and by shop assistants. Read this: No glances from men. There I was, in my red halterneck dress and glitter-heeled platforms, at a party in East Fading – Basement among a throng of dancers, couples and party people. Not close friends — I was with my sister-in-law as her plus one.

I felt engaged with the crowd, and conversation in our group flowed, with curiosity and interest igniting in fizzing bubbles as effervescent as the party cocktails. The witching hour arrived and suddenly the group dynamic changed. Dancing got closer and breathless, circles were drawn and men were pulled into them. I leant in to say something into the ear of one of my companions and she wasn’t there — she’d slipped away and was suddenly on the dance floor next to a tall guy in a black shirt. She clearly wasn’t coming back to our table any time soon.